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it is a neet little 4wd. it gets you places and can go a lot of places with great ground clearance(lift kit)....

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Subaru Forester News

Subaru celebrates Forester 10th birthday with JDM Anniversary model
Subaru celebrates Forester 10th birthday with JDM Anniversary model
...Subaru is known for high quality, all-wheel drive vehicles that offer a lot of what a Volvo would get you, but for a lot less money. The Subaru Forester offers SUV utility and capability with station wagon looks and gas mileage. The 10-year anniversary of the Forester is being marked with a special...

2007 Subaru Forester 2.5 XT Road Test
2007 Subaru Forester 2.5 XT Road Test
...When stepping inside the Forester 2.5 XT, the first thing you notice is the size. With its high roof height, the vehicle appears much larger than you would expect. This extra height also comes in handy in the rear, as the vehicle boasts a taller cargo area than many of its competitors. My tester...

Subaru Forester 2.5 XT Limited Road Test
Subaru Forester 2.5 XT Limited Road Test
...Sure the license plate clatters every time you shut the trunk, and the windows rattle when you close the doors, and theres the odd plasticky creak over rough roads, but dont let that fool you--the Forester is an incredibly safe and solid vehicle, its worthiness proven in crash tests the world...

Subaru Rolls Out 2007 Forester Sports Models
...LAS VEGAS ?? Subaru is beefing up its Forester lineup for 2007 with two new Sports models that aim for more aggressive styling and a sleeker look. The Sports models get a new front bumper and a unique black mesh grille and are stripped of the roof rail crossbars. (They remain available as an...

Subaru Forester 2.0 XE auto
...It can be thirsty work driving a Subaru, as I've found to my cost! Put simply, our long-term Forester is a greedy-guts when it comes to petrol. This would be more forgivable if it was one of the Japanese firm's performance models, but we expected better from a chunky 2.0-litre automatic...

Subaru offers factory upgrades to WRX, STi, Forester
Subaru offers factory upgrades to WRX, STi, Forester
...Subaru has a strong rally race heritage, and has been an industry leader in AWD vehicles for quite some time. The company's flagship vehicle is the Impreza STi, an impressive beast that is already incredibly fast and nimble in its stock form, but for those of you still not satisfied, the company is...

One millionth SUV Subaru Forester built
...Subaru is celebrating the production of its one millionth Forester - one of the first and, arguably, most successful crossover sports utility vehicles to combine off-road ability with sporty handling. In fact, the Forester is Subarus most popular export model with 83.2 per cent being sold outside...

Subaru Forester STi: First Look
Subaru Forester STi: First Look
The popularity of Subaru's WRX STi over the last half a decade has shown that there's huge interest for a well-priced AWD turbocharged performance car. For a lot of people, myself included, there's a lot to like about a car which can keep much rarer and more expensive cars honest. It's like the underdog that just won't quit, always biting at the heels of the big guns. Riding the STi wave of popularity, Subaru has just released the second version of the Forester STi in Japan, the first of which was released in February 2004.

Subaru Forester News
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