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 1992 Subaru Forester Review, Eradzievskii, From Toronto, Ca

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Subaru Forester

 ModelSubaru Forester
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Well, for agressive drivers, and I am - more power would be nice, 20-40 horses will do.
Automatic transmission is too slow, I find it even sometimes dangerous on highways, but again I am agressive driver.
Up 2002 model - interior style - what style? Tooo old fashioned.
Weak paint - scratches too easily
Stock stereo, for music lovers, sucks. At least upgrade speakers right away.
No armrest
Limited room for tall people - 6 feet or so.
 General comments?1st thing 1st - this car is great for the money you pay. To those people with bad reviews - do your research and then buy. This is not SUV or 4x4, this is practically family sedan with a great All Wheel Drive system and dirt road manners, not bouldrs and ditches, just a rough gravel and dirt road. Anyway...

I have it for about 18 months now and have no regrets at all. Good power, great handling, safety, reliability, OK on gas for all-wheel-drive.

I've driven it in any condition possible - rain, snow, dirt, gravel, loaded, unloaded, high speed gravel road (140 K
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Review 1992 Subaru Forester Eradzievskii, From Toronto, Ca
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