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2001 subaru forester 2001 subaru forester
2001 subaru forester 2001 subaru forester
2001 subaru forester 2001 subaru forester
2001 subaru forester 2001 subaru forester
2001 subaru forester 2001 subaru forester
2001 subaru forester 2001 subaru forester
    2001 Subaru Forester Review, Dan Overby

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Forester S Premium

 ModelForester S Premium
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Quality control not what you're lead to believe.
Clutch shudder.
Easily damaged winshield glass.
Rear wheel bearing failures.
Expensive routine service.
Manufacturer unwilling to help w
 General comments?This car does not live up to the hype and the dealer service is horrible. I bought my 2001 Forester 2 years ago. Within a few months the clutch was engaging with a terrible shudder, making me wonder at times if the car was going to shake itself apart. Took it in to the dealership who informed me that nothing was wrong and the problem might be in the way I was driving it. Hogwash! Then the oil change (called preventive service by the dealership) cost $120!
I began searching online and began to see many owners of manual transmission Foresters with the same clutch problem and were told the same thing: "the problem is in the how you're driving it..." Some owners found a technical servcice bulletin where Subaru will replace the clutch and flywheel IF you can get the problem to happen while a Subaru representative was in the car with you when it happens. Of course it never happens with the rep in the car and the dealer hadn't heard of the TSB before I mentioned it to him. The car also had problems with easily broken and cracked windshield glass and wheel bearings in the rear wheels. If your wheel bearings start making noises, unload the car as I did and run. Subaru disavows any problem with the wheel bearings and charges around $400 to replace them. They will fail and fail again once they go (usually at around 40K miles)
Sad thing is this is a well designed car and Subarus reputation is starting to suffer . They seem unwilling to take care of thier customers. I recommended this car to several friends and two of them who bought automatics suffered catastrophic transmissions failures between 75K-100K miles. One instance the dealer tried to charge my female friend $4000 to replace her transmission! She went elsewhere to say the least.
This is a car that has so many good points and is well designed, but is spoiled by poor quality of some of its components and indifferent dealer service.
Sorry to say after recommending this and other Subaru products to friends,
I would not buy nor recommend another.
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Review 2001 Subaru Forester Dan Overby
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