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2002 subaru forester 2002 subaru forester
2002 subaru forester 2002 subaru forester
2002 subaru forester 2002 subaru forester
2002 subaru forester 2002 subaru forester
2002 subaru forester 2002 subaru forester
2002 subaru forester 2002 subaru forester
    2002 Subaru Forester Review, Subbie1

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Forester L

 ModelForester L
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Interior - Styling and feel that seems about 10 years out of date. A somewhat cheap feel and look but not too bad. The front seats could use a little better side support at the legs.
Reliability - Even only having this car for a month, I've begun to have quite a few issues already, uneven shifting, engine lights, now a wheel bearing. The history of the car that I got from the dealer doesn't show much better, even from new. It'll be interesting and potentially expensive to see how things turn out in the long run.
 General comments?On the advice of my dad to get rid of my old '88 Ford Ranger, I went in search for my first new(close to new) car. I ended up with a Forester for its practicality, AWD for winter, and its high reviews for quite a few years.

After owning the car for a month or so, I'm pleased with the car in general. It's light and relatively agile with a touch of understeer. With some better tires, it could be quite fun.

The interior is roomy but the material has a late 80's early 90's feel and look to it. It's almost like sitting in my mom's old Civic again, lol. Despite their "classic" styling, the front seats are comfortable and supportive on the sides. Visibility is good all around as well. Most outside noise stays on the outside. The car is quieter than I expected.

The ride is suprisingly good and actually prefers a few bumps. You almost can't feel washboard and potholes at speed, but the car lurches around a bit on bumps when slow(I'm used to big, soft cars).

The engine is adequately powerful, just enough to work with and still not get into much trouble. It's resposive, but it has nothing for bottom end torque. You have to rev it up to 2000 just to take off with the manual transmission. However, once you're above 3000, it's scoot pretty quick. There's not a lot of rotating mass to this engine. A heavier flywheel may smooth things out.

The manual transmission is somewhat goofy. This car doesn't seem to shift easily, weak syncros? I pretty much can't get it into first unless I'm stopped, but the other gears are fine enough. Shifting is smooth if you can get used to the quick-engaging clutch. The laggy throttle doesn't help either(STi is fly-by-wire, not sure about Forester, might be why). It's not unresposive, just not instant. It also seems to hang for a second when the gas is let off, on purpose? I don't know. It might do it to help with shifting since the engine would drop down fast with the small amount of rotating mass it has. It shifts smooth when reved up towards 5000, but it seems to suck gas more. Low rpm driving
 Previous carNone Owned: '86 Buick Somerset - good fun car till it got totalled, not my fault(stop signs are there for a reason people, use them, lol) '87 Olds 98 - wonderful car, would still have it if it didn't get stolen. '89 Buick Lesabre - same as Olds but not so

Review 2002 Subaru Forester Subbie1
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