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2003 subaru forester 2003 subaru forester
2003 subaru forester  
    2003 Subaru Forester Review, Josh

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Forester 2.5s

 ModelForester 2.5s
 What things have gone wrong with the car?The engine is just barely powerful enough, and could use a little more oomph, say 20-25 HP more. It is small inside, too small, even in its new "larger" size. It's good for a family of three or four at most, without the family pet, and is not really an SUV. Like I said above, its interior is inferior, especially the stupid unconventional electronic controls and simple amenities like cup holders (too small for American coffee mugs) and sun visors (ridiculously small, see above). This car needs to have 6 inches more length and 2 inches more width room inside, with a bit more power and more conventional controls and amenities, and then it will be absolutely perfect and the best family car ever made.
 General comments?Awesome driving machine with interior that does not match driving quality: Sun visors are very short without sliding inserts or extendable bars, which is hard on tall drivers; radio controls and HVAC controls are unconventional and do not work well; cup holders too small; cruise control in weird place; etc. Interior is inferior and unmatched to the car's driving capabilities. Two different engineering teams?
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Review 2003 Subaru Forester Josh
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